Cut Off Date for Scholarship Applications: 6 weeks before the start date

Intake start dates
2018 – Mid-year
2019 – January / February

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) Dean's Excellence Scholarship. It will allow outstanding students to receive 10% off their tuition fees.


Eligibility criteria:
- You must provide a written paragraph explaining why you should be chosen for this scholarship
- You must meet the relevant English Language Proficiency Requirement for the course you wish to study
- You must have no more than five Backlogs (fails) during your highest level qualification
- You must provide evidence of a good aptitude in Mathematics. EIT refers to a good aptitude of maths as being greater than 80%.  
- You must be a full fee-paying, non-sponsored student
- You must be commencing studies at EIT's Western Australia campus in July, 2018


This scholarship is applicable for the following on-campus engineering degrees EIT is running in Perth, Western Australia for our 2018 July in-take:
- Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering)
- Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering)
- Bachelor of Science (Industrial Automation Engineering)
- Bachelor of Science (Civil and Structural Engineering)
- Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation)

Please note that this scholarship
- Only covers tuition fees and does not cover any other international student expense
- Will be credited to recipient's fee account at commencement of studies and cannot be accessed by them 
- Will not be extended beyond its prescribed duration or amount unless notified otherwise by EIT
- Can be revoked at the discretion of EIT if recipient already has a scholarship or sponsorship 
- Can be revoked if the recipient does not accept, or defers, their Letter of Offer
- Cannot be retained if a recipient defers their studies beyond a 2018 start date 
- Cannot be transferred to EIT online study outside Western Australia
- The scholarship is given for the total duration of the program, contingent on you making satisfactory academic progress each study period. 
- Scholarships may be applied only toward tuition and are subject to review in the case of enrolment changes, extension of the course of study beyond the normal program length, or external tuition scholarship support which, when combined with the EIT's scholarship, exceeds the cost of tuition. 

Please contact Caroline Mackay for further information or to be put in contact with one of our agent partners in your area to discuss this scholarship in further detail - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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