Studying abroad means you get a whole new educational experience. You often encounter a whole new way of living, moving around and communicating.

Perth has a relaxed lifestyle and a warm, sunny climate. It is also a city of growth, success and possibilities. The benefits of the last decade’s resources boom have flowed into every part of our lives, from education to transport. Tens of thousands of people come to see the natural beauty of Western Australia and enjoy its year-round sunshine. This means we have many resources available to help you learn more about our city and adjust to living here.

Elizabeth Quay on the city's riverfront, Perth Stadium, the new museum, the expanding city rail network and the exciting beach-front developments are shaping Perth into Australia’s premier western gateway for tourism and investment.

Melbourne is considered the third best student city in the world, according to the QS Best Student Cities 2018. This is due to a combination of the city’s high standard of living and multicultural society. It’s also one of the world’s most liveable cities, with top quality healthcare, education, transport, infrastructure and safety.

Melbourne is a top destination for entertainment, with its many theatres, museums, art galleries, gardens and zoos. There are also a number of beautiful rural destinations a short drive from the Melbourne CBD.


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