The EIT remote and virtual lab platform

Our lab hosting platform, Electromeet, connects you with lab computers in real time. Once connected, you will have access to a wide range of engineering software and connected hardware, which will be used in practical assessments throughout your course. Utilizing the Electromeet scheduling system, you are able to pre-book exclusive access to the required labs. The labs consist of:

  • Virtual labs: computers hosting software for a multitude of engineering applications, including: modelling and analysis, science education, programming, power network design, construct models, design and drafting, project management, industrial process control, and virtual plant field operations.  
  • Remote labs: computers connected to physical equipment and sensors equivalent to the traditional university engineering lab. These practicals are interactive, controllable, variable, and viewable over webcams in real-time, with examples including; data communication and protocols, scientific instrumentation, physical experimentation, the control and observation of circuits, systems and machinery, and robotic automation.

Electromeet online lab hosting provides you with on-demand access to professional engineering software and lab equipment, from anywhere in the world, subject to an internet connection. The booking and access page lists which software and physical equipment is available on each lab. Access is via the website.

Our remote and virtual labs are hosted primarily in Perth, Australia, but additional labs are located in Johannesburg and London. If a lab is offered in more than one of these locations, for an improved experience, we strongly suggest selecting the lab in the location which has the lowest latency for you.

For further information about the labs please contact us.


Work Integrated Learning

Our bachelor’s and master’s programs require you to undertake 240 hours of paid or unpaid professional work-integrated learning.  This can incorporate paid or unpaid internships, site visits, contributing to industry projects, and networking activities.

Applying for work-integrated learning can be very daunting, particularly if you don't have any industry experience. We, therefore, assist our on-campus students with resume development, interview techniques, presentation skills, and making contact with our industry partners.

In undertaking internships, you will interact with employees and become exposed to organizational policy and culture. You will familiarise yourself with organizational communication procedures, a variety of engineering disciplines, and obtain insight and practical aptitude in projects from the planning phase to completion.

If you already have work experience in a relevant engineering field, you may apply to have credit granted by completing the associated recognition of prior learning form.


Hands-on with engineering equipment and experimentation

Practical hands-on work is a requirement of many professional engineering societies and accreditation agencies around the world. It is also an essential component of our Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering programs.

Our hands-on workshops complement the remote and virtual labs included in our programs. While our remote labs are contextualized within industry and are more comprehensive than most traditional classroom-based programs, hands-on workshops provide you with additional applied knowledge. They ensure you are competent in using practical tools, workplace safety, physical measurement, experimentation, construction, assembly, and working in an engineering team. The workshops begin with a first aid course, and each session requires you to undertake a job safety analysis.

If you already possess significant industrial experience in your engineering discipline of study, you may apply for recognition of prior learning.


Please select a maximum of 3 courses on this form, all the information regarding your selected courses is provided via separate emails and a highly trained Course Advisor will be in touch to discuss your personal circumstances.