This is only applicable for first year students currently studying online with EIT. Excel in your first year of online studies and then apply to complete your qualification in Australia, on-campus.

Cut Off Date for Scholarship Applications for July 2019 & February 2020 Intakes:
Two months before the start date of the program.

Intakes for online study: 

  • June 2019
  • January 2020

Number of Scholarships Provided each Intake: Five (5).


  • 20% off the second year undergraduate tuition fee.
  • 20% off the third year undergraduate tuition fee.

Applicable Programs: 

  • Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering).
  • Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering).
  • Bachelor of Science (Civil and Structural Engineering).
  • Bachelor of Science (Industrial Automation Engineering).

Please note: Second and third year of study on-campus, after first year ONLINE study.


  • All nationalities; applicable to students pursuing their first year of study online.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Students who achieved an average of 75% (Tier 1) in first year of study by completing all first year units (27 credits) online.
  • Students studying their first year online, and then transferring on-campus for second and third years of study.
  • (For the third year scholarship) - Students who achieved an average of 75% (Tier 1) in second year of study after completing all first year units (27 credits) online.
  • International and domestic, full fee-paying, non-sponsored students, without existing scholarships.
  • Students commencing studies at EIT’s Western Australia campus for their second and third year of study.

Please note that this scholarship:

  • Covers a maximum of 20% off the second and third-year tuition fee up to a MAXIMUM of 54 credit points only.
  • Covers tuition fees only (and does not cover any other international student expense).
  • Will be credited to recipient’s fee account at commencement of studies and cannot be accessed by them.
  • Will be awarded only if the Letter of Offer is accepted and enrolment occurs in their course by the date specified.
  • Cannot be retained if a recipient defers his/her studies following the first year.
  • Can be revoked if the recipient does not accept, or defers, their Letter of Offer.

Conditions that need to be met to keep your scholarship:

  • Remain enrolled in initial course and major of study unless approved by EIT.
  • Maintain and complete an online enrolment for undergraduate first year of study totaling 27 credits.
  • Be accepted for on-campus study.
  • Take no leave of absence or withdraw from their units or course of study.
  • If a student is involved in any academic misconduct, owes a debt to EIT (i.e. does not pay fees on time), fails a unit, or becomes a student at risk at any time during their course then the scholarship will be forfeited.

To accept the scholarship, the recipient must:

  • Meet the conditions listed in their Letter of Offer.
  • Be aware of the dates and deadlines for the application. 
  • Comply fully with the process for applying through Department of Immigration and Border Protection for on-campus study.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information or to be put in contact with one of our agent partners in your area to discuss this scholarship in further detail.


Please select a maximum for 3 courses on this form, all the information regarding your selected courses is provided via separate emails and a highly trained Course Advisor will be in touch to discuss your personal circumstances.